My health issues may seem small compared to others but to me my health had changed a lot. For the last ten years I have had less and less energy. I have had episodes when I needed to be on an anti- depressant. My legs and feet would ache and swell.

I have been having a lot of pain and weakness in my wrists and arms, even my shoulders and neck. I thought I had carpal tunnel. I have had nerve tests done two different times. Both times I was told I didn't have nerve damage. It was not carpal tunnel. Some people have told me it was just because I was getting older, that it is just the way it is. Deep down I didn't believe that.

Then, using a chiropractic procedure called decompression, Dr Redd/Anderson have reversed a lot of the problems I was having with my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. An MRI of my neck showed I had degenerative disc disease, spurs, bulging discs, and nerve compression. After the first week of these treatments I was able to sift flour! Something I didn't have strength in my hands to do. Then after a few more treatments I had less pain. My neck wasn't hurting all the time, even the pain in my shoulder(s) was improving!

My life has changed drastically for the better. Since being a patient of Dr. Redd/Andersen I have had so much improvement. Thank you so much for helping me feel so good!